Monday, April 10, 2006


Pastel by Jean-Françoís Le Saínt
Hummingbird spreads its wings..., originally uploaded by carf.

The Art of Compassion

I have just been honoured with this very special gift and I am overjoyed with it.

A very competent artist and Flickr friend, Jean-Françoís Le Saínt, creatively conceived this beautiful pastel portrait, of 7-year old José Roberto, one of the children attended by our Hummingbird programme in a nearby favela.

The motive chosen in this beautiful artwork is based on our recent community programme called Beija-Flor na Comunidade (Hummingbird in the Community), where youth leaders and mobilizers visited the nearby favelas to offer the children various artistic, cultural and sporting activities.

You can see the photos and read more about the programme by visiting our Flickr gallery, "Hummingbird Spreads It's Wings"
For a quick review, see the Slide Show

There is also a separate illustrated article in the archives of this Blog. That's actually José Roberto's foot securing the spade below...
Click here for the article

I am still contemplating the full meaning of this fabulous composition, as there is more to his work than meets the eye.

Jean-Françoís had already surprised me last week with another gift; a most unexpected portrait of the very first kid I had rescued from the streets of São Paulo back in 1993; Diego, who was tragically gunned-down and died in the arms of his girlfriend only a couple of years ago, but who’s memory still lives strongly in those who got to know him during this last decade.

It is compassionate actions like these in support of my work, that help me believe in and carry on with the near impossible task it is of recuperating the lives of kids who have already lost most of their childhood.

Jean-Françoíse, your gift means more than any amount of money can buy. Thank you my friend!

Gregory J. Smith
CARF Brasil

Please visit Jean-Françoíse gallery of pastels at


At 8:28 am, Blogger Catherine said...

I stumbled across this site whilst looking for information on Banda Afro Reggae... I found the Flickr page for CARF which led me to this blog. I find it a strange coincidence that my two most favourite countries on earth - Norway and Brazil - are linked here by CARF! Norway played a large role in my life because I lived just outside of Oslo as a teenager and Brazil because I first travelled there last year - an experience which changed my life forever! It was an intensely emotional experience for me seeing the street children of Brazil suffering - I felt helpless & guilty. Seven months later I am still haunted by those images of children and wished I could play an active role in assisting them. The philosophy of your organisation resonates deeply within me - I admire and I am amazed at the work you do. You have given me hope that there is a way to improve the lives of these children and that I too can play a part in the solution.

At 8:51 am, Blogger CARF Brazil said...

How nice of you to share those feelings on my blog Catherine. Thank you for your consideration.
Experiencing at first hand the situation of street children in Brazil does leave one feeling helpless and hopeless, but one must never resign to those feelings. Where there's a will, there's a way!
Mobilizing others to support us by visiting this blog and using the donation buttons at the bottom of the page is more important than most people think. Without those funds my organization would not still be here today, rescuing many of those kids. Other people's goodwill is our lifeline, and our kid's too!

THANKS! - Gregory J. Smith, Founder - CARF

At 6:58 pm, Anonymous Anna said...

A documentary about you and your work in Sao Paolo has just been shown this evening on Swedish television. Your detemination and work with The Hummingbird and the children benefitted by it is truely amazing and was a real inspiration to do what we can to help others around us who are less fortunate than ourselves. I wish you and the children the best of luck and hope that your work can continue and make a difference for those in need of your help. Big hugs from Sweden

At 8:59 pm, Blogger CARF Brazil said...

Wow Anna from Sweden!
I hadn't realised our TV documentary was to be screened in Sweden too.
Hopefully viewers will find a way of reaching us.
There is an online viewing of the film available through this Blog under the title "Kolibrimannen".
Thanks for letting me know.
Kind regards, Gregory - CARF

At 9:08 pm, Blogger CARF Brazil said...

Here's the link to the film article if anyone else is interested. The film is easily downloaded in Windows Media Player through a link in this article:

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